the Compression Therapy eLearning Package

The Connected Wound Care collaborative developed an elearning package to facilitate implementation of best practice around compression bandaging skills in the management of venous leg ulcers.

The course is based on the 2011 Australian and New Zealand Clinical Practice Guideline for Prevention and Management of Venous Leg Ulcers, and nurses have access to this 90 minute course via their learning management systems.

The education includes theory, animation and video demonstrations (available below) to understand venous disease, its treatment and practical skills on the application of compression bandaging. The learner is assessed on their theoretical knowledge, and at the end of the package staff can also print off a  bandaging skills assessment checklist (link below)  in order to practise, or be assessed on their ability to apply compression bandages.

The accessibility of this package is varied, dependant on the type of learning management system utilised in each region, and the way in which the RWV Clinical Nurse Consultants choose to deliver this package. In Regional Victoria, the RWV Clinical Nurse Consultant for each region is the contact point for any queries regarding this initiative and Kylie Elder represents Bolton Clarke.  

Bandaging Skills Checklist

CWC Skills assessment checklist for compression bandaging systems.pdf


Click link below, or scroll down to watch in this window

  1. Applying roll under-padding
  2. Applying tubular under-padding
  3. Applying elastic compression bandages
  4. Applying inelastic compression bandages
  5. Applying a multi-component compression system
  6. Applying a zinc paste bandage

1. Applying under-padding bandages as part of compression therapy

2. Applying tubular under-padding as part of compression therapy

3. Applying Elastic Compression Bandages

4. Applying Inelastic Compression Bandages

5. Applying a multicomponent compression bandage system

6. Applying a zinc paste bandage