Wound Innovations

Australian wound consultancy service company that also offers evidence-based online modules for health professionals (including Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, Allied Health Staff, Medical Practitioners and students), patients and their carers.
Certificates of completion provided.

Aged care modules: 

  • For health professionals:  7 x 2hr modules:  $35 each.  These may also be purchased as the complete Aged Care Course for $210.
  • For carers: 1 x 30min module. $20

Comprehensive modules:

  • For health professionals: 9 x 6hr modules: $50 each.

Coloplast: Heal Online Education 

These FREE modules do not use brand names for wound dressings, so do not specifically promote Coloplast's product lines.  Generic names for classes of dressings are used throughout
To access: Email heal_au@coloplast.com with your FULL NAME, EMAIL and WORK PLACE to request a FREE access code.
Health Services: may request the modules to load onto their own e-Learning platform / LMS by emailing the request to heal_au@coloplast.com

APNA - Australian Primary Health Care Nurse Association

Available for APNA members only


$30 per month (billed quarterly or yearly) provides unlimited access to numerous online education courses, lectures and articles on a variety of health-care related topics.
See all available education on wound management topics

Future Learn Antimicrobial Stewardship in Wound Management 

Intermediate level course endorsed by EWMA. Certificate provided when eligible.
6 hrs: (3 weeks @ 2hrs / week)
Cost $99

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