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This poster is free to download from the links below for non-commercial use only. 

It was designed for Australian audiences to help them classify pressure injuries using the International NPUAP/EPUAP Pressure Ulcer Classification System (2009,2014) as published in The International Guideline (2019).  If you are from outside Australia, please check with the peak body for wound management in your country to see if this classification system is applicable where you live. 

Copyright © 2020 Regional Wounds Victoria. No alterations may be made without permission.  

All photographs, other than the mucosal pressure injury photograph are copyright NPIAP and are available for purchase from the NPIAP website.  The use of EPUAP/NPIAP/PPPIA material does not imply endorsement of products or programs associated with the use of the material.

The mucosal pressure injury photo must not be copied without permission of the owner, Tracy Nowicki. 

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