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  • Wounds Australia Recordings of many previous educational events from 2019-2020.  Go to Resources tab and select Video Library. Free for Wounds Australia Members only.
  • Wounds International - Past webcasts (Free Registration). Examples include:
    • (2020) Psychological Impact-of Chronic Wounds 
    • (2020) Managing highly exuding wounds - removing the risk of infection
    • (2020) Clinical challenges and therapeutic updates in wound exudtate

Hosted by Wound Product Companies
Some presentations in this group only refer to products supplied by the company hosting the presentation.
Be aware that other companies may produce products that achieve the same objectives. Consider discussing with your RWV CNC.

ConvaTec Wound Hygiene Webinar series: Defying Hard to Heal Wounds with Terry Swanson (2020)  - Free

  • Module 1: Rationale for Wound Hygiene
  • Module 2: Therapeutic Wound Cleansing
  • Module 3: Debridement
  • Module 4: Refashioning the Wound Edge
  • Module 5: Proactive Wound Dressing Management
  • Module 6: Implementing the Concepts into Practice

L&R Lohmann & Rauscher

Many intantly available, as well as:

Molnlycke Advantage

many webinars available on a variety of wound-related topics. The following are particularly useful to support education at services covered by RWV: 

Smith & Nephew: "Closer to Zero" Webinars - 
Free Registration.  Examples include:

2022 Topics

2021 Topics

2020 Pressure injury webinar series by Wendy White    

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