Clinical Nurse Consultants

There are two Wound Management Clinical Nurse Consultants for Loddon Mallee region: 

Loddon Mallee East & West Sub-Regions

Name: Sally James
Email: | Mobile: 0457 527 684 | Admin Office Phone: (03) 5454 8090 | Fax: (03) 5454 6261
Available:  8am - 4.30pm most Tuesdays, Wednesdays and every second Thursday (no leave cover).
Location: Mobile role managed by Community Nursing Service, Bendigo Health Havlin St Complex,  43 Havlin Street East, Kennington (Bendigo), VIC, Bendigo | PO Box 126 Bendigo 3552
Provides services to eligible sites in:  Mildura, Redcliffs, Ouyen, Sea Lake, Robinvale, Managatang, Nyah West, Swan Hill, Kyneton, Gisborne, Echuca, Lockington, Rochester, Kyabram, Rushworth and Bendigo (Community Nursing Service only)

Loddon Mallee Central Sub-Regions

Name: Lisa Hewitt
Email: | Mobile: 0428 112 004 | Admin Office Phone: (03) 5454 8090 | Fax: (03) 5454 6261
Available: 9am - 5.30pm most Tuesdays, Wednesdays and every second Thursday (no leave cover).
Location: Mobile role managed by Community Nursing Service, Bendigo Health Havlin St Complex,  43 Havlin Street East, Kennington (Bendigo), VIC, Bendigo | PO Box 126 Bendigo 3552
Provides Consultation to eligible sites in: Kerang, Quambatook, Pyramid Hill, Cohuna, Boort, Inglewood, Dingee, Heathcote, Maryborough, Dunolly, Avoca, Castlemaine, Maldon and Bendigo (Gibson St Complex, Golden Oaks Nursing Home and Simpkin House only)

Informal Advice

Staff working at eligible services are encouraged to phone or email their RWV CNC at any time.  
Nurses may request an immediate video conference in the client's home or aged care facility via their tablet, laptop or smart phone. 


Download Referral Form: RWV LM Referral 2023 02 16.docx   (updated 16/2/2023)
1. Click link above to download and save to your computer.
2. Open in MS Word on your computer.
3. Complete all the shaded form fields (you cannot alter the form, other than to fill in the form fields).
4. Email to the Bendigo Health Referral Centre as instructed at the end of the form.

RWV provides a secondary consultation service. This means we offer advice, assistance, resources and education to the nurses and other staff who are usually responsible for providing wound management, rather than directly to the client.   Our aim is to build capacity in the health services we cover so unlike primary consultants, we do not independently perform assessments and record recommendations.  Instead, we work with the service to identify what assistance they need and actively work together to achieve the requried assessments, develop a suitable care plan and monitor progress. 

Which clients are eligible? See RWV referral eligibility flow chart
When is a referral required?  Whenever advice is sought regarding a specific client.  
Why is a referral required? A formal referral ensures the RWV CNC is aware of all relevant background infomation and enables the advice provided to be recorded in medical records at Bendigo Health.
Who can refer?  Nurses working at elibile sites.
What happens after referral? The RWV CNC will contact the referring nurse to discuss the situation and identify:
* Any urgent interventions or care plan changes
* Whether an onsite visit is required or whether assistance can be provided by phone, email or video conferencing. 

RWV Loddon Mallee Education

The 2022 WREN and 2022 Debridement programs for DNS are now complete. 

The CNCs are now focussing on supporting the graduates of the debridement program with mentoriship and supervision as they begin to implement improved debridement practices in their services.

In the second half of 2022, we will focus on setting up a series of short, online education sessions for both aged care and district nursing. 

RWV Loddon Mallee Resources

CSWD Protocol - Regional Template

Please contact the CNC for your sub-region (Lisa or Sally) to request a copy to use as a template for your health service.

Please do not change the template without discussing with the CNC for your sub-region (Lisa or Sally). 

This protocol has been designed to support educated district nurses become competent in performing CSWD via custom education and mentoring program.  It takes nurses through a step-by-step risk assessment process to identify whether CSWD is safe and appropriate given the particular characteristics of the person, their wound and the environment as well as the RN's level of knowledge and experience.  The protocol details when distant or onsite supervision of a mentor is required. 

This template had much input from Lisa Hewitt, Wendy White, Andrea Minnis, Wound CNCs at Bendigo Health and the Regional DNS WREN Link nurses.  The CSWD protocol adopted by Bendigo Health is based on this protocol and is essentially the same.  Those with access to PROMPT may choose to view the Bendigo Health version as a .pdf.

Wound Management Form- Regional Template 

Wound Management Chart RWV LM Regional Template v10 2022 06 28.pdf

This regional wound management form template has been developed by the Loddon Mallee RWV CNC, together with the Loddon Mallee Regional District Nursing WREN link nurses.  Do not use without permission.  See instructions on top of form.

If you'd like to adapt it this template for your health service:

The CNC for your sub-region will support this process by:

- Meeting with your skin integrity team to describe details of use
- Discuss any changes desired with the skin integrity committee (it's important rationale for current design is explained)
- Liaise with the health service's Medical Records / Health Information department to draft it (a MS Word Version will be made available at this point)
- Liaise with the education department to plan a custom education program for your health service. This may include online and/or face-to-face education, glossary, quick access guide to wound measurement and the like.

Wound Photography Labels

Instructions for printing Wound Photography Labels

  1. Download and save file: Avery_J8563_RWV Wound Ruler V. Mar 2020.pdf
  2. Print only on Office Max 1950738 / Avery J8563-25 Label stock sheets.
  3. Label size 99.1 x 38.1mm, 14 labels per sheet (2 columns / 7 rows)
  4. Make sure you print the document at its actual size - never 'shrink to fit'
  5. Each time you print, check accuracy of printed ruler against a real ruler
  6. Use as a single use item, only for photos (ie not for precise wound measurement), and always obtain client consent

    ry Staging Decision Support Tool

Further Information for Loddon Mallee DNS Managers